Thursday, 26 June 2014

Tissue Paper Garland

There are a few of you out there that are partial to garland, this can be done in any colour, requires string, scissors and 4 colours of tissue paper and is pretty cool.

 1. To begin, fold your tissue paper in half and then in half again, making a square. Start cutting strips towards the fold to create the fringe, leaving about 1 inch uncut from the fold line. FYI - one piece of tissue paper makes one tassel.

2. After all your strips are cut, unfold your tissue paper (careful not to rip it!) and begin tightly rolling your tissue paper down the middle.

3. Continue rolling down the middle, untangling your fridge as needed.

4. Fold in half and then twist creating the loop for hanging.

5. Repeat to create more tassels in various colours. Hang from string (or ribbon)
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