Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mother's Day is very soon!!!

Alright Mother's Day is just around the corner!! I like the girls to make something for their Grandma, Oma and great Nan!! What do you normally do? Over the next week a few ideas will be popping up on the Strawberry Fizz so keep your eye out!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Random 21st ideas

Just a few random 21st ideas that could fit in any where, I came across the on my hunt!! Enjoy xoxo


Luau Party???

Anyone say cocktails?? How about a Luau Party??

Ok he may freak your guests out a little but I couldn't help it, he's so cool!!

Great way to make a bin look part of the decorations!! 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Morrocan/Bollywood Theme

I love the idea of a Morrocan/Bollywood themed 21st! So many beautiful colours and what a way to snazzy up a marquee or outside area!!

Monday, 20 April 2015

French themed 21st!!

When I was 21 I was off travelling and my top destination was France!! Would you have a French themed 21st?
How cute are these little guys?
Ok this may be a little harder but it was just so pretty!!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Casino Party - 21st ideas

When I think Casino's I think James Bond, black tie pretty dresses and a bit of fun, so why not have a casino themed 21st? You can hire tables for people to play out for a bit of fun.

Jello and at a 21st I have no doubt they will be the grown up kind!!

These just looked really tasty and a great way to keep people eating!

Love the fact the party boy has his drink written down - just in case you want to grab him one too!!

A red carpet makes any entrance!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

21st Birthday idea's - Glitter Party

There are a few 21st going around work at the moment! (yes it makes me feel soooo old!!) so I thought over the next week I might pop some idea's on here. So if you are going to be planning a 21st soon don't forget to check us out!
The first party is a Glitter Party, just because at 21 you are defiantly sparkling!!
To make the glitter ice cubes, first made a batch of ice cubes. Once they are completely frozen tap various colors and textures of edible food glitter onto the ice cubes. Do not add more water. Then re-freeze the ice cubes for a couple hours to ensure the two substances adhere tightly.
Edible glitter - love the stuff!!
Clear balloons with glitter in them before they are blown up!!
I would do this for full bottle (minus the straws), silver for white wine, red glitter for red wine, pink glitter for a rose and gold for champers!!
Great way to decorate if your outside for the party or just leading the way to the entry!!

These are boring sticks painted in glue and then dipped in glitter and voila they are beautiful!! Pop them in a tall vase and they will look amazing!!