Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Perfect Frosting - Party food

The Princess Party is creeping up on me very soon and as you all know baking is not my thing so frosting cakes is in the "scary" section of my world. It needs to be done and I found these wonderful instructions from the lovely lady at i heart nap time.  
Go forth and frost people

  • 1M frosting tip (can be found on amazon or your local craft/baking store)
  • Large coupler
  • Disposable decorating bags
  • Frosting of course ;)
1. Cut off the tip of the bag and place the frosting tip and the base of the coupler inside. Screw on the top of the coupler on the outside of the bag.
2. Fill the bag with frosting about half way and place a rubberband on top to hold the bag in place.
3. Hold the tip above the middle of the cupcake and squeeze out the icing to form a star.
4. Raise tip slightly and form a tight circle around the star.
5. After completing the first circle, move the tip back toward the center and go around to make a second circle around the inside edge of the first circle.
6. Slowly pull the tip away at the center of the cupcake.

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