Friday, 7 March 2014

Chocalate Sprinkle Spoons - Party Food

I'm a 37 year old women and sprinkles still make me smile, they take me back to happy times in my childhood. Birthdays, Christmas, Party's of kind always had sprinkles on ice cream, cakes or fairy bread. Now I watch my daughters absolute delight at them. So why would these precious drops of joy not appeal to me?

  • 6 oz. (180 g) quality chocolate (milk, dark, white--anything!), chopped
  • sprinkles, jelly beans, confetti quins or any other small confection
  • You will Also Need:
  • 24 coloured plastic spoons
  • cookie sheet lined with parchment paper(you could try wax paper)
  • some spatulas (or a book) for resting party spoons while filling
  1. Place your plastic spoons on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, resting the spoon handles on a rubber spatula or book, to level them out while filling.
  2. Temper your chocolate in a glass bowl in the microwave (or in a heatproof bowl over a pot of simmering water on the stove), by warming for 20 second intervals and stirring in between. When the chocolate is almost (80%) completely melted, remove from the microwave and keep stirring until the last few pieces are completely melted and the chocolate is smooth.
  3. Spoon melted chocolate into your plastic spoons, about 80% full (the sprinkles and candies will fill the rest)--any more than that, and they will likely overflow (trust me, it happened to me).
  4. Add your sprinkles and small lollies. Place cookie sheet in the freezer or refrigerator for about 20 minutes to set.
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