Friday, 14 March 2014

Confetti/Glitter wands

I love these, they are so pretty, so sparkly, so very girly.
I wanted to make them for Miss Almost 4's Birthday Party but while I hunted high and low I could not find clear straws, (my sister did inform me that Boost Juice have them and I just need to buy 30 drinks, each with a spare straw, which was a little to much commitment to craft project!). When I do find them, I am grabbing as many as I can ready for the next 10 parties! He he If you can find the clear straws below is the how to..

You will need:

—Large, clear straws (about 1/2″ wide)






1.  Take your straw and staple one end closed. Try to get it as close to the opening as possible while still being secure.
2. Fill up the open end of the straw with confetti. Depending on the size straw you are using, just make sure the confetti pieces can fit!
3. Staple the other end closed, just like in Step 1.
4. Brush on some glue in a thin layer on each side, making sure to cover the staple.
5. Dip each end in the color glitter of your choice.

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