Thursday, 3 April 2014

DIY Gift Wrapping Idea's

I love wrapping gifts (I like pretty cards too) part of giving the gift is making sure its wrapped nicely, its part of the gift. I love watching people's faces when they receive a gift prettily wrapped, they are never sure whether to open it or enjoy the wrapping.
Here are some easy ideas to pretty up your next gift wrap!

 What a wonderful way to wrap a child's pressie and they would love it.

These look so pretty and they are just tissue paper with matching bands (cut from different coloured paper and glued or taped on) and a some thin ribbon.  So simple and such a beautiful effect.

Thread five strands of yarn with buttons. (Buttons are a choking hazard for kids under 3.) Wrap each strand around the gift. Tape each one to the back of the package. Add a drop of glue to the back of a few of the buttons to keep the threads secure. If your anything like me I am gaining a rather large collection of random buttons this could put a few to good use!

I'm going to give you the link to this one because the directions are a bit hard to follow but they have pictures on the site which make it a lot easier

 Another simple idea and yet makes it special that you have added the extra touches yourself.

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