Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Princess Party - Princess Cookies

My almost Madam 4 wants a princess party!(gulp) 
She has several request, one of those being she wants princess biscuits!!(several others will not be agreed to including fireworks and large quantities of chocolate!) No probs, I purchase the cookie cutter and I was just going to bake some biscuits, cut them and pipe some icing on (the icing sugar mixed with water icing). 
It's a good thing I am very aware I can not bake and thought I better look it up!! Also a good thing I did this prior to the night before the party because I need to make sugar cookies and royal icing!! Yup never heard of either!! 
So this weekend Im going to give it a go, I have a horrible feeling it is going to look like one of those "nailed it photo's!! 
So stayed tuned and if it is not a complete disaster I will share the recipe for all those other non bakers out there!!

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