Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pixie Dust

This is a great party favour, you just need a little bag or bottle for storage and it will be a crowd pleaser! Or just to put a smile on your resident TinkerBell's dial!

How to Make Coloured Pixie Dust

1 cup salt
6 drops of food colouring
optional: generous sprinkle of extra fine glitter 
Put one cup of salt into a small ziploc bag. Add 8-10 drops of food colouring into the bag. Don’t be alarmed, it’s going to clump. Get as much as air as you can out of the bag that you’re going to use to make the pixie dust, and shake the bag around, using your hands to move around the colour into the entire bag. For a cup of salt, this should take you under one minute.
When you’ve finished colouring the salt, you can add the glitter to the bag. For vibrant colours, using 8 drops of food colouring, I found that letting the pixie dust sit opened, on the counter to dry for a few hours gave the best results.

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