Tuesday, 6 January 2015

And the food Prep for our Sprinkle Party begins!!

This week there has been some firsts and a few expected disasters!! I have made caramel (it's yummy) and fudge (very sweet) in preparation for our Sprinkle party and I spent one whole evening making sugar cookies which tasted awful, even Miss almost 5 the queen of sweet wasn't keen, so they went on the bin and I have gone back to the tried and tested gingerbread baccy's! But I have discovered I still have that fear of baking I'm not scared of desert food that doesn't required me to make it rise or cook in the oven!!
After making my fudge a friend mentioned she had used raspberries as food colouring and I remembered I had this great article stored away on how to use natural food dies! Here is the link if anyone is interested, it's a great idea and one I will be using http://www.thesassycook.com/?p=1284

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